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News in Brief

Adam Sandler distraught after news that Drew Barrymore was faking 

her amnesia in 50 First Dates

‘I mean after two years on set you think you know a person’ said Sandler an hour after he heard the news.

According to Sandler, when he was brought on board the cast, he was ‘given the impression’ that actress Drew Barrymore actually suffered from a rare form of amnesia.

‘I mean she wouldn’t even talk to me behind the scenes, ignored me as if I wasn’t even there,’ Sandler told us.

At a brief later sighting of Barrymore, she made a quick comment before hustling into Lifetime fitness, ‘Listen I just kinda did what the director asked of me. They told me to treat him like he was… uh... different, so I just tried to be as nice and as I could. I am a method actor after all.’

After seeing the actress's remarks, Sandler refused to comment, and retreated to his ‘wife and kids’ who had been 'waiting in the car.'

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