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Welcome to God Complex.

Our goal is to create authentic - sometimes outlandish - work that seeks to connect people and ideas - more or less. Regardless, this is a passion project. A coupe d'etat. A "bat signal". From our brain to yours. Giving you, the reader, access to view us in our most vulnerable form - writing stories, reviews, ideas, and anything else found under the READ page. This is a portfolio of work between two people that one day hope to make a career out of creativity.

Why "God Complex"?

God Complex, is used to describe someone with an exaggerated ego, privilege, or belief in one's personal capability. In our younger years, this was as "a period" at the end of an argument that had no end.


Nick would be right, Chris would utter the insult.

Chris would be right, Nick would call out Chris for his insatiable God Complex.


This is both a commentary on our understanding of our position in the world - one of privilege and abundance - and that of a belief in ourselves - our intuition, our stories, and perspective. 

It is a fight of two competing sides. On one side, it is just another platform filled with echoed and overstated themes, news, commentary. We understand this. On the other, we believe to some extent at least, that our work is worth reading - if it wasn't, indeed (not sponsored), different - than we wouldn't have taken the time create this clouded paradise we call heaven.


It is both an insult to ourselves and a vote of confidence. 

Like democracy, gun control, diversity in the workplace, and gender roles.

Meet The Gods


Michigan, USA


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